200 Death Sentences Issued by the Houthis-controlled Courts SAM
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On the International Day Against the Death Penalty
200 Death Sentences Issued by the Houthis-controlled Courts


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said on the occasion of the International Day against the Death Penalty, falls on October 10 of each year, that the courts under the control of the Houthis militia issued more than 200 death sentences against political and civil opponents, including four journalists since 2017, in cases of political motivations. When observing and following up on these the proceedings of these trials, that reached into these rulings, SAM found that they entirely violated the guarantees and standards of fair trials.

SAM affirmed that there are more than 50 civilians are standing trials before flawed judiciary, where the judges playing roles in predetermined trials, including the rulings which are in clear contradiction with the laws.

SAM called for the judiciary to be liberated from the domination of the Houthis militia’s authority, which had denied the judiciary the most important conditions of independence.

The organization also called for the respect and application of fair trial guarantees and standards without discrimination, so that no one is unjustly and arbitrarily deprived of his life.

SAM said that although the Houthis militia has not executed any of the aforementioned death sentences, it is necessary that the militia declares its commitment to stop manipulating the judiciary to terrorize and abuse its opponents.