SAM and the Union of Yemeni Students in Malaysia Demand an end to the Suffering of Yemeni Students Abroad SAM
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SAM and the Union of Yemeni Students in Malaysia Demand an end to the Suffering of Yemeni Students Abroad


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties demanded, in a seminar organized by the General Union of Yemeni Students, which addressed a number of issues concerning Yemeni students abroad, to end the suffering of Yemeni students abroad due to delaying the payment of their financial dues, and the subsequent collective and individual issues and problems.

SAM and the Student Union called to stop stalling and solve these problems, which greatly affect the lives of students and double their sufferings in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

They said in the joint statement that the dues of students on scholarships abroad and solving their cases is an inherent right guaranteed by the Yemeni constitution and laws, and it should not be subject to manipulation and settling political scores.

The statement added that this issue should be prioritized, even before the entitlements of ministers, as leaving scholars on devastating situation and need, is a crime that requires legal accountability, which requires public action to become a public opinion issue internally and externally.

The statement said that the delay in the payment of dues for almost a year away, while students were only given false promises, in addition to the dropping of many students’ names from payment roll and denying the scholars of universities and other sectors of their dues.

"Unfortunately, the government has abandoned all its constitutional duties towards students abroad, including its failure to return graduates to the homeland after graduation, which causes them and their families great harm," the statement added.

The statement stressed that the scholarships issue has become infused with corruption and nepotism, where manipulation of scholarship has become clear and non-compliance with the criteria specified in the regulations governing this. What requires investigating this file by a neutral committee to investigate and review the performance and stop the tampering that deprives thousands of students of their right to scholarship abroad.

The statement called on the Yemeni government to make the scholarship issue a top priority by reviewing performance, holding corrupt people accountable, and setting out radical and permanent solutions for the delay of scholarship dues, as well as promptly disbursing all late dues without delay, and address the dropped names, in addition to solving collective and individual issues for students Scholarships, and to compensate the Yemeni students, both financially and morally, for the damages caused to them as a result of this negligence.

The statement also called on human rights organizations and media institutions, as well as the judiciary to address the issues of Yemeni students, defend them, and give them optimal attention, because it affects the future of Yemen, and the process of building a federal Yemen.

Issued by:

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, Geneva

Yemeni Students Union, Malaysia