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we are not neutral we are on the side of victims .. until achieve justice

After Documenting Testimonies Confirming His Death in a Prison in Aden
SAM Called on the Forces of the Transitional Council to Reveal the Fate of Hungarian Citizen George Koltay nicknamed Kimo

 "SAM" Denounces the Illegal Detention of Civilians by Transitional Forces Geneva-SAM said that the anti-terrorist forces led by Yisran al-Mqatari, the storm brigade led by Osan
On World Press Freedom Day
SAM and Organizations defending journalists in Yemen: Yemeni journalists continue to be targets of abuse

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, which falls on May 03 of each year, we congratulate Yemeni journalists and all journalists throughout the
After Receiving Messages from so-called Military Intelligence
SAM Warns the Houthi Militia of any Reprisals against Activists

SAM for Rights and Liberties has followed with great concern the launch by the Houthi militia in Yemen of a massive campaign of contacts of

SAM Condemns the Smear and Attack Campaigns against it and Stresses on Continuing its Role in Detecting Violations Committed by the Parties to the Conflict

Geneva - SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties has condemned the smear and attacks it has been subjected to through news sites belonging to Arab
Following the Explosion of One of the Armories
SAM: The Storage of Weapons in Residential Areas is a Violation of Legal Norms and Holds the Perpetrators Criminal Responsibility

Geneva - SAM organization for Rights and Liberties said that the storage of weapons and ammunition by the Houthi militia in populated areas is extremely dangerous

SAM and the Abductees Mothers Association Are Making an Urgent Appeal to Save the Lives of Detainees inside the Houthi Controlled Military Prison

SAM Organiztion for Rights and Liberties and the Abductees Mothers Association have expressed serious concern about the increasing violations by members of the Houthi group against
After Causing Hundreds of Deaths in an Immigration Detention Centre
The Houthi Group Forces the Sit in of Migrants Protesting in front of the Sanaa Commission for Refugee and Displace Hundreds to Areas of Legitimate Government Control

Geneva - SAM strongly condemned reports that members of the Houthi group killed two migrants in front of Commission for Refugee in Sana’a and injured

SAM Calls on the Yemeni Authorities and the Coalition to Reveal the Fate of Mohamed Abdo Ali Kalkali

Geneva. SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties has appealed to the Yemeni Government to intervene urgently and to assume its legal responsibilities and to stop

SAM Calls on the National Resistance Forces on the West Coast to Release Immediately all Detainees

SAM expressed its deep concern at the continued arrest of dozens of citizens by the "joint forces" against the backdrop of unsubstantiated accusations about a

On the Sixth Anniversary of "Operation Decisive Storm", Derailment and Violations Amounting to War Crimes

Geneva- SAM for Rights and Liberties: The level of enjoyment by individuals of their fundamental rights in Yemen is constantly declining because of the serious and

SAM, any initiative to resolve the Yemen crisis that does not proceed from the legal track and bringing justice to the victims is not going to succeed

GENEV - SAM said it was disappointed that the international community and States taking initiatives to resolve the conflict in Yemen have repeatedly ignored the

SAM calls on the international community to intervene urgently to stop mass suicide attempts in Mukalla Central Prison

Geneva: SAM for Rights and Liberties has appealed to the international community to intervene urgently to release detainees at Mukalla Central Prison in Hadramaut province
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